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Relay Agent Bind TCP listener

Relay type of listener, so it will not create any listening socket or other receiver in C2 but works via some already existing agent connection. The listener will define an port on what the agent created will start listening for connection. Then in another existing agent, an command "connect-tcp" can be given with IP & port of the created agent. This will create an new connection and the communication with the created agent will work through the agent on what "connect-tcp" command were executed.

Plugin ID: shelldot.listener.relay-agent-bind-tcp


  • port - On what port the agent will start waiting for TCP connection

Example(POST content)

POST /api/v1/listeners HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {JWT_TOKEN}
Content-Type: application/json

  "plugin": "shelldot.listener.relay-agent-bind-tcp",
  "name": "my-relay-tcp-bind-listener",
  "configuration": {
    "port": 5555