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External listener

An external listener is a specialized type of listener that is not designed for direct agent connections. Its primary function is to facilitate the integration and connection of external listeners and other Command and Control (C2) frameworks. This configuration allows agents, which connect to these external entities, to be managed through Tuoni as well. This architecture significantly simplifies the development of custom listeners and agents, and enables the consolidation of agents across multiple C2 frameworks. The communication with an external listener is conducted via the WebSocket protocol, which supports bidirectional traffic, thus enabling faster and more efficient communication.

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Configuration values of the external listener

  • host - Inteface on what external listener is listening. Default value is
  • port - Port on what external listener is listening. Mandatory value
  • restrictDataToUser - Does one user sees other user agents and commands over external listener and can add/modify them. This does not affect anything done over API, only data changed over external listener websocket
  • requireJwtAuthentication - External listener requires JWT value for authentication. Must be received by login call to C2 API