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Listeners list view

This interface is designed to display a comprehensive list of all existing listeners within the system, offering a user-friendly platform for managing these critical components. It allows users to perform a variety of actions, including the addition of new listeners, as well as the ability to stop or remove current ones. Furthermore, the interface provides access to a broad spectrum of additional functionalities associated with listeners.

alt text

  1. Opens listener creation dialog to create new listener
  2. Refreshes listener list (usually happens automatically)
  3. Sortable list of listeners
  4. Stops the listener (can be restarted later by start button on same location)
  5. Removes the listener
  6. Downloads agent executable that is configured to connect to this listener
  7. Opens more detailed JSON representation of the listener configuration (next picture)

alt text

  1. JSON editor for selected listener configuration
  2. Reload listener configuration to JSON editor
  3. Update listener configuration