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0.4.0 Release

Github link Released on 2024-06-04

Jump commands

You can now utilize jump commands for lateral movements within networks. Currently, four methods are supported: WMI, Service, WinRM, and SSH. Jump commands can currently utilize SMB and SCP protocols for payload distribution in lateral movement depending on a specific command.

New powerful launcher

Tuoni now offers significantly enhanced launcher capabilities, enabling the download and execution of various payload types, including executables, DLLs, and shellcodes. These payloads can be delivered through multiple methods, such as command prompt (cmd) and PowerShell, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in deployment.

File hosting

You can now host arbitrary files on HTTP/HTTPS listeners and use custom paths to request these files through them.

General execution configuration

You can establish a default execution configuration for all non-native commands issued to the agents.

Stopping ongoing commands

When viewing the list of ongoing commands, you have the option to stop any of them.