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Reverse shell listener

The "Simple TCP Shell Listener" is a specific type of network listener designed primarily for situations where terminal input/output (stdin/stdout) is redirected through a socket, often using tools like netcat. This listener has distinct characteristics and use cases:

  1. TCP Shell Listener Functionality: This listener operates by setting up a basic TCP connection. It's tailored to handle standard input and output (stdin/stdout) from a terminal, which is rerouted through a socket connection.

  2. Use of Tools like Netcat: Commonly, tools such as netcat are employed to facilitate the piping of terminal input/output to and from the socket. Netcat acts as a bridge between the terminal and the TCP connection, enabling real-time data transmission.

  3. Not for Generated Agents: It's important to note that this simple TCP shell listener is not intended for connections originating from generated agents. Instead, its primary purpose is to serve manual, direct connections, such as those initiated by an administrator or a user for specific tasks.

  4. Typical Use Case: A typical scenario for using this listener would be when an operator wants to establish a quick and direct shell session via TCP, possibly for troubleshooting, executing commands directly, or for other similar purposes that require real-time terminal access.

  5. Operational Limitations: While this listener is effective for its intended purpose, it lacks the sophistication and specialized features that might be necessary for more complex agent-based operations. Its simplicity, however, makes it an efficient choice for straightforward, direct terminal communications.

In summary, the Simple TCP Shell Listener offers a straightforward way to establish a shell session over TCP, making it a useful tool for direct, real-time terminal communications via network sockets, particularly in conjunction with utilities like netcat.

Plugin ID: shelldot.listener.generic-reverse-tcp


  • port - On what port the C2 will start waiting for TCP shell connection
  • inputBufferSize - Buffer size reversed for communication