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Agents list view

This interface presents a comprehensive list of agents currently connected to the system, providing a centralized dashboard for their management. It facilitates access to a wide range of functionalities directly related to the existing agents, encompassing control commands, status monitoring, and configuration adjustments among other operations. This design ensures that administrators and users can efficiently interact with and manage the agents, streamlining tasks such as deploying commands, updating settings, or reviewing operational data.

alt text

  1. Searching/Filtering field for agents list
  2. Button to generate one liner to download and execute agent executable
  3. Displays the table view showed on the picture
  4. Displays graphical representation of the agents list
  5. Refreshes agents list (usually happens automatically)
  6. Opens submenu to kill or remove all agents
  7. Sortable agents list - clicking on one agent row opens it console
  8. Open submenu to open agent console, kill agent or remove it from list