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About GUI

Experience the seamless integration of Tuoni with our expertly designed Graphical User Interface (GUI), crafted to complement the robust capabilities of the C2 API. While Tuoni offers the flexibility of direct API interaction or custom GUI development, we strongly believe in delivering a powerful, yet user-friendly GUI that caters to the diverse needs of our clientele.

Our GUI, developed in tandem with C2, ensures immediate compatibility with all existing and forthcoming features of both C2 and the agent. This design philosophy guarantees that our users always have access to the latest advancements in technology as soon as they are available.

The design of our interface is the product of over a decade of expertise in cyber security exercises and red teaming. Our team of seasoned professionals has meticulously crafted an intuitive and accessible platform, without compromising on the depth and breadth of features required by users across various technical levels.